Deer Valley Credit Union

Deer Valley Credit Union was founded in April of 1971 by a group of dedicated Honeywell employees. Every day they work hard to ensure that they are improving the financial security of their members. They were founded on the belief that integrity, valuable relationships, quality service, and community leadership are at the core of every successful business.

Deer Valley Credit Union has grown exponentially since their founding. In 46 years they have grown from 1,800 members to more than 16,000 while also growing their asset management from $379,000 to $222 million.

They offer a variety of services to their members including:

Mortgage loans

Auto Loans

Checking accounts

Credit Card and cash back rewards

Apple Pay

Mobile Banking

Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation® is proud to be partnered with Deer Valley Credit Union through the Arizona Sponsor A Highway® Program. For more information on Deer Valley Credit Union and how to become a member visit