Maryland Sponsor A Highway® Program

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Maryland Average Daily Traffic counts (ADTs) reach up to 257,000 cars every day on some of Maryland’s busiest roadways. With the average vehicle carrying 1.8 passengers, businesses that purchase a sponsorship in these areas are likely to receive upwards of 463,000 impressions every single day. That's the lowest cost per thousand (CPM) of any other outdoor media!


For each segment sponsored, one litter removal sign with the sponsor recognition panel is placed on the shoulder of the highway, facing traffic within each one mile segment. Signs are reflective white with black letters and measures 60" x 48" in size. A yellow silhouette of the state of Maryland is pictured behind the text along with a yellow border.

The sponsor recognition panel measures 40” x 24". AHMC's art department will work with you to design your sponsor panel for the best visibility and exposure.

Signs are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Looking for information or pricing in a specific area?

Reach out directly to our Account Manager below:

Brian Szatkowski

Maryland Account Manager
Phone: 800-200-0003 or 714-689-9303