Sponsor Spotlight- Total Men’s® Primary Care

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Total Men’s® Primary Care was founded in Austin, Texas with the desire to revolutionize medical care for men. CEO Robert Sek understands that men are typically less inclined to remain up-to-date with medical check-ups. With this in mind, he made it his mission to create a relaxed and stress-free medical-care experience tailored for men. Today, Total Men’s® Primary Care encourages men to make their health a priority. As a medical care center that prides itself on the full range of insurance plans accepted, and little to no wait times; it is clear why Total Men’s® Primary Care has become the go-to primary care center for men.

Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation® is proud to highlight a sponsor that has been an instrumental part of the Texas Sponsor A Highway® Program since 2016. Over the years, Total Men’s® Primary Care has contributed to the highway beautification efforts of Texas, by sponsoring litter removal across multiple highways. With a current total of 22 highway sponsorship signs, Total Men’s® Primary Care is passionate about fulfilling their corporate social responsibility in a way that benefits the entire community.

Thank you, Total Men’s® Primary Care, for your commitment and contribution to the community over the years. We at Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation® are grateful to have the unwavering support of a company that believes in the importance of maintaining litter-free highways.

For more information about Total Men’s® Primary Care visit: www.TotalMens.com

For more information about the Texas Sponsor A Highway® Program or to sponsor your own sign call: 800-200-0003.