Sponsor Spotlight- Salute Military Golf Association

The team at Salute Military Golf Association (SMGA) has devoted their services to rehabilitating wounded soldiers through the game of golf. Whether their providing a free custom set of golf clubs, giving golf lessons, or simply lending an ear to the incredible stories of military veterans— the team at SMGA is determined to make a difference.

SMGA offers an adaptive golf program to even severely injured warriors, thus allowing soldiers to join and learn a new skill. Not only does this program allow veterans to master the game of golf, but it offers the chance for them to share their story with someone who has experienced similar situations.

As a thank you to SMGA for giving veterans an outlet to cope with life after the military, Sol Gordon of Gordon Insurance, LLC has donated a sponsor sign in their name. Sol hopes to give SMGA the opportunity to market themselves in a new way because he believes in the remarkable work SMGA does. Sol also wants SMGA to grow and help more veterans join this program. This highway sponsor panel not only promotes SMGA, but it also fosters highway beautification efforts set forth by the Maryland Sponsor A Highway® Program. As a company that understands the importance of giving back, there is no better way to promote SMGA.

If you are in the Montgomery Village area in Maryland and see SMGA’s sponsor panel, please remember that this sign is a dedication to the team at SMGA. Their support to the veterans allows these wounded warriors an opportunity to work through the experiences they endured to keep the citizens of the United States safe. The Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation® could not be more honored to support Sol Gordon’s desire to promote a company that deserves to be recognized.

For more information about Salute Military Golf Association visit: www.smga.org

For more information about the Maryland Sponsor A Highway® Program or to sponsor your own sign call: 800-200-0003.