As Earth Week Winds Down…

AHMC would like to recognize a state and a program that has marked the beginning of a new era in preserving our environment. Texas is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its very own Adopt-a-Highway Volunteer Program and AHMC would like to applaud them on such a positive achievement. The first of its kind and highly successful, Adopt-a-Highway in Texas has laid the foundation for programs alike not only across the nation, but across the world!

25th Anniversay Adopt A Highway

What started out as a pilot program in 1985 has now grown into a nationally-recognized program and it was just 25 years ago when the first stretch of roadway was adopted in Texas.  Adopt-a-Highway volunteers keep the Texas-born program going strong with currently more than 4,500 groups across the state who remove trash and debris from the state’s roadways.

AHMC would like to recognize the thousands of volunteers who make a difference and we commend the passion that Texans have for keeping their state beautiful. For additional information about the Texas Adopt-a-Highway program and its history, visit their website here.

Not only does Texas have a successful Adopt-a-Highway program, the state has also launched a nationally recognized campaign for litter removal along state highways.

Don't Mess With Texas campaign

History of the Campaign: (website)

Back in 1985, Texas had a big problem with litter on the side of the highways. To battle this big, expensive roadside mess, the Texas Highway Commission launched an extensive public education campaign. Using research, we identified the state’s worst offenders and how best to reach them, and with that — the legend was born. We’ve been encouraging Texans to keep litter off the roads ever since.

From the beginning, Don’t mess with Texas has been a great success, using iconic Texas celebrities to help spread our message. We’ve enlisted the help of singers like Willie Nelson and George Strait, athletes like George Foreman and Randy White, and even a stealthy World War II-era B-17 bomber to remind Texans what Don’t mess with Texas really means.

Whether the message shows up on a billboard, TV, or computer screen, we’re proud of our advertising. Not only has it successfully captured the Texan spirit and garnered lots of attention and exposure for the campaign, it’s also helped keep tons of litter off Texas roads. To us, it really doesn’t get much better than that.


2013 “Don’t Mess With Texas” Advertising: (website)

Don't mess with Texas campaign
Don't mess with Texas campaign

For additional information about the “Don’t Mess with Texas” campaign please visit


Programs and people like this have become a huge inspiration for what we do here at AHMC and we are so happy to be able to offer similar opportunities to sponsors in all 20 of our fast growing markets. While Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation is not a volunteer program like Texas Adopt-a-Highway, we still provide companies and organizations the opportunity to brand their name and logo while supporting the community that they work and live.

(And we pick up all the trash!)

Earth day was created to bring public attention to our earth's most precious resources and AHMC would like to recognize all of the businesses and sponsors who support programs like Adopt a Highway and Sponsor a Highway to help maintain a clean and lasting environment for us as well as generations to come.

Happy Earth Week!