The Top 5 Online Marketing Myths – BUSTED!

Charlie Cook’s Marketing for Success Blog, is an entertaining and insightful resource for small businesses alike. With his primary goal bringing YOU more business… his blog as well as his website (click here), are a great source for marketing tips and tricks.

Recently AHMC came across an article on Charlie’s blog called “The Top 5 Online Marketing Myths Busted” and thought it was definitely worth a share…

While Adopt A Highway is primarily a source for Out of Home Media (OOH), as a small business our self, we are often faced with challenges when it comes to our own forms of marketing. All small businesses struggle with the proper way to market their products or services and with technology advancing at such a high rate, people are turning more and more to online media as a way to attain that goal.

While some of these online marketing beliefs do in fact work for some larger more established businesses, for small businesses like us… these beliefs could very well not be true! ;)


1.) Build It and They Will Come:

No matter how great your product or service may be, that alone is simply not enough.  

Identifying the proper target market for your product or service and coming up with an optimization and content strategy for your website is the first step in improving your online marketing.


2.) The Purpose of Your Website is to Sell:

Charlie makes an excellent point here in saying,

“Unless you’re a large retailer like with a big fat reputation to match, expecting your website to be your marketing and sale department all rolled into one is a big mistake.

… Expecting people to take a quick look at your site and then whip out their credit card – rarely works.”

Not all businesses provide a specific product that can be sold online and this is often confused when trying to “sell” to a potential consumer. Your website should be a source of information that allows someone to get to know you and your business, establishing an interest in your product or service, and hopefully in the end… generating a lead.


3.) Traffic is the Solution:

People often look at numbers to gauge positive results coming from their website, when in reality; the numbers don’t really mean anything if no one is actually contacting you.

The challenge small businesses often face is not only getting someone to visit their site, but getting them to read the content provided, and then forming enough interest to where they utilize that information to contact you by phone or email. Once you have done that, your foot is already in the door and all you have to do is follow up to establish that direct relationship.


4.) Your Website Can Close the Sale:

Many small businesses believe that their website can close the deal without any additional interaction from them, whether in person or over the phone. While a good website can do a great job of pre-selling a product, many small business owners don’t realize that rather than buying your product or service, potential consumers are actually buying YOU.

Taking a more personal approach will set you way ahead of your competition and will provide more positive selling results.


5.) It’s Quality that Generates Repeat Sales

DING, DING, DING! This is one of our favorite myths!

Your business could provide the best quality products and have the most amazing services, but with the amount of information people are receiving on a day to day basis for services similar to yours, regular reminders to increase their awareness and remind them to buy from you is always a good idea.

Things such as email are an easy way to keep in touch and put your company at the forefront when it comes to the high demands for your type of product or service.


Breaking your business of these myths and learning the best ways to market online will help keep you one step ahead of your competition. AHMC is repeatedly looking for ways to improve our products and services as well as our marketing strategy. Charlie Cook’s website and especially his blog are a great way to learn a different perspective on successful marketing.

 To read more of his blog click here... Or to view this full article click the link below:

"The Top 5 Online Marketing Myths Busted"