Green Saturdays!

Article Link: "Outdoor Ads Are the Last Window of Influence"

Everyone understands the meaning of Black Friday.  It’s that day after Thanksgiving when we’re all stuffed full of food and we start considering the true value of waking up early to fight the crowds for that five dollar plasma TV.  Now people are partaking in the new craze “Cyber Monday” because they are getting a second chance at similar deals online and don’t have to risk fighting the crowds at the store.

Outdoor Advertising is considered the “last window of influence.”  With all of this shopping going on and not limited to the days after a holiday, one may wonder if there is true value in Outdoor Advertising and how it relates. The Outdoor Media Center conducted a study focused on the last 30 minutes before shopping to determine if outdoor advertising in this last window of influence would sway consumers to purchase an advertised product.  Their findings revealed that 72% of shoppers could be persuaded to purchase a product shown on an outdoor advertising medium, as well 40% of shoppers who remembered seeing an outdoor advertisement in those 30 minutes before making a particular purchase. 

Outdoor advertising is proven to be the most cost effective way to reach the largest customer base, and it’s all around us. Unlike commercials, Adopt A Highway signs cannot be skipped over on a DVR and regular commuters see Adopt A Highway signs at least five times a week. Any business can purchase a billboard, but a special kind of business takes care in how they are seen by their community and can promote their product or service to the public in a way that ultimately results in:

“The Green Effect”

The Sponsor a Highway Program helps people recognize the difference a business is making in their community and in the environment, but it’s also that last window of opportunity to leave a lasting impression with every potential customer before they take an exit to fill up on gas, or stop at the mall to spend the afternoon shopping.

You can place your logo on benches, billboards, bus stops, blimps and even school buses, but none of those avenues also provide the community service that is provided by the Adopt a Highway Program.  I was intrigued by all of the different forms of outdoor advertising media but I still come back to the one that does a double job…


Take advantage of that “last window of influence” and turn your days into
 “Green Saturdays!”