Sponsor Spotlight- Platinum Fades

For those in Austin, Texas looking for a quality barbershop, it’s no question that they should visit Platinum Fades. From fohawks to fades— CEO, Randy Franzetti has skilled barbers that consistently deliver amazing styles. With 4.7 stars on Google, it’s no wonder why their customers stay loyal to Platinum Fades. Between the fun laid-back décor and the welcoming staff, their business continues to flourish. The team at Platinum Fades take pride in their work to ensure that every customer leaves happy.

 With their growing popularity and financial success, Randy feels it is essential that Platinum Fades gives back to the community. Participating in the Texas Sponsor A Highway® Program allows him to help his community while keeping Texas roads clean for all drivers to enjoy. Platinum Fade’s desire to keep the streets tidy is a perfect way to fulfill their corporate social responsibility while promoting better waste management practices that all Texans should follow.

Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation® is proud to have a sponsor that cares for their community and wants to give back. Participating in the Texas Sponsor A Highway® Program allows the team at Platinum Fades to set the tone for other businesses in Texas to follow. Thank you, Randy, for your commitment to the Texas Sponsor A Highway® Program’s beautification efforts.

For more information about Platinum Fades call (512) 968 - 4446

For more information about the Texas Sponsor A Highway® Program or to sponsor your own sign call: 800-200-0003.