Sponsor Spotlight- Buy My Bikes

As a lover of outdoor activities such as biking and surfing, Jim Curwood built a business that allows him to share his passion with others. Having been in the bicycle industry since 1977, he knew the market well and was ready to open his bicycle shop in California. Ensuring the enthusiasm for bicycling remains a crucial component to the business, Jim insists on hiring employees that share his passion, and is fortunate to have a staff that can help their customers find the perfect bicycle to fit their individual needs.

Becoming a sponsor in the California Adopt A Highway® Program was an easy decision for Jim, as he loves his community and wants to provide clean roads that are safe for traveling. Promoting a clean earth is a fantastic way for companies to fulfill their corporate social responsibility, and Jim is happy to set the trend for other businesses in the San Juan Capistrano area.

Joining the California Adopt A Highway® Program tells the community that the team at Buy My Bikes wants to provide clean roads for all to travel on. Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation® is proud to have the support of a company that understands why it is crucial to keep the roads safe and clean for all drivers in San Juan Capistrano.

For more information about Buy My Bikes visit: www.buymybikes.com

For more information about the California Adopt A Highway® Program or to sponsor your own sign call: 800-200-0003.