Sponsor Spotlight — Grand Canyon Education

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Sponsor Spotlight- Grand Canyon University

Since 1983 Grand Canyon University (GCU) and its leadership team have pioneered transformational changes in education. Through specially designed degree programs, GCU has provided accredited curriculum online or on campus at the undergraduate, master, and doctoral levels. Its mission continues to be centered around providing innovative educational learning solutions that promote student success and institutional growth.

Founded in 1949 by the Southern Baptist Church, GCU has evolved over the past 65 years to become a leader in education in the Phoenix area. GCU was founded on the idea of fostering service and leadership in young minds. They still hold these values at their core as they continue to provide quality and affordable education to all their students.

Students have a plethora of educational and extra-curricular opportunities while attending GCU. They can pursue bachelor’s, masters or doctoral degrees, participate in athletics, and become a member of one of their 70+ clubs, deepening their community involvement.

Adopt A Highway® Maintenance Corporation is excited to announce it is expanding its partnership with Grand Canyon University through the Arizona Sponsor A Highway® Program. With their increased commitment to bettering Arizona’s local community, we will continue to provide highway beautification and litter removal along their sponsored miles of highway, working together to create a cleaner Phoenix area!

 For more information about Grand Canyon University visit: www.gcu.edu

For more information about the Arizona Sponsor A Highway® Program or to sponsor your own sign call 800-200-0003