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LifeBridge Health is a regional health care organization based in northwest Baltimore and its surrounding counties. As one of the largest, most comprehensive and most highly respected providers of health-related services to the people of the northwest Baltimore region, LifeBridge Health advocates preventive services, wellness and fitness services, and programs to educate and support the communities it serves.

The Future of Health Care is Here

LifeBridge Health is the health care leader of the future in the Baltimore region and beyond. They’re growing and evolving to meet the needs of the community for the future of their patients, physicians, employees and partners.

Their care begins with their four world-class hospitals, where we are providing compassionate, cutting-edge medicine to the Maryland community:  Sinai Hospital, Northwest Hospital, Carroll Hospital and Levindale.

About LifeBridge Health

As one of the largest, most comprehensive and most highly respected providers of health-related services to the northwest Baltimore area, it has become their mission to improve the health of the individuals and communities they serve through compassionate, high quality care.

LifeBridge Health seeks to be a nationally recognized, independent health system, which consistently provides outstanding quality, affordable service, with positive outcomes. They advocate preventive services, wellness and fitness services, as well as educational programs.

LifeBridge Health’s level of care extends beyond just a hospital room. Caring for the environment is the reason they are one of our newest sponsors participating in the Maryland Sponsor A Highway ® program. It's amazing being partnered with businesses that care about their communities!


Wellness Division

LifeBridge Health is dedicated to advancing the health of the community through a variety of health and wellness programs and services. LifeBridge Health & Fitness provides a wide array of fitness programs and was one of the first facilities in the country to fully integrate rehabilitative and clinical health programs in a community-based fitness facility. It offers a range of specialized institutes of health for individuals with special health care needs, including cardiovascular prevention and rehabilitation, pulmonary therapy, Parkinson's therapy, and programs for those with diabetes and arthritis. Located in Pikesville, LifeBridge Health & Fitness has been selected as "Baltimore's Best" health and fitness center by Baltimore magazine and is recognized as a national model for wellness.

LifeBridge Corporate Health provides health and wellness programs for corporations, government agencies and community groups. As Maryland's first comprehensive, hospital-based provider of corporate fitness management and wellness services, LifeBridge Corporate Health's philosophy is that wellness is a lifestyle. It promotes physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual health through a variety of programs offered onsite to employees and community members.

One of LifeBridge Health’s guiding principles is “caring for our communities together.” We’re a system that strives to care for the whole person, body and spirit, and to support the health and well-being of our patients  and friends through cooperation and connection.

- Neil M. Meltzer - President and CEO LifeBridge Health

LifeBridge Health centers are the "facilities of choice" for quality patient health care for the residents of the Baltimore area and surrounding communities. More than 10,000 LifeBridge Health physicians, nurses and staff members dedicate their professional lives to making a difference - one patient, one child, one family at a time.

What’s possible today in health care? Every day at LifeBridge Health, they are focused on providing that answer to their patients in a nurturing setting in Northwest Baltimore. From the NICU to hospice, they garner every resource at their disposal to make life better for their patients. They truly believe there’s no greater charge. LifeBridge Health is 10,000 people with a singular focus: a healthier you.

You can find out more about LifeBridge Health by visiting their web site.