Meet The Team of Adopt A Highway®- Gary Murray, Marketing

Fun / Personal Questions:

1.       What food or drink could you not live without? 

Food: anything that is Vanilla flavored. Drink: WATER

2.       What is your favorite type of exercise or your favorite activity?  

Exercise? What is that?  My favorite activity would have to be movies and music.

3.       When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

  I wanted to be a Graphic Designer. Hey, I guess dreams DO come true.

4.       What does your ideal weekend look like?   Ideally, my weekend would look like it lasts about 30 – 40 years.

5.       What is your favorite meal? Breakfast, lunch or dinner? 

Breakfast, it’s the most important meal of the day. Darn, I knew I was forgetting something this morning.

6.       If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

 I’m already living here, Southern California!

7.       What is your favorite sports team?

Not really into sports. Is watching movies a sport? If so, then the Academy Of Motion Pictures is my favorite team.

8.       What is your favorite type of Social Media / News Outlet / Magazine / Etc.?

 Pinterest. Best recipes on the web are right there at your fingertips.

9.       Aside from necessities, what could you not live a day without?


10.   Can you speak more than one language? If yes, what other language do you speak?

 I can understand a little HTML. That’s the language that makes your favorite web site and all those cool apps you have on your phone work.


Professional / Work Questions:

11.   How long have you worked for AHMC? 

1 fantastic year.

12.   What is your field of work and what is your favorite thing about your job?

I do Graphic Design. My favorite thing is about it is being creative. The downside is that I don’t know how to turn that part of my brain off.

13.   Were you familiar with the Adopt A Highway® program before you started working here?

 I think everyone who drives on the freeway is familiar with Adopt A Highway®.

14.   What was your very first job?

 Stocking shoes at Kinney’s Shoe Store. Worst job in the world.

15.   What did you study in college and how has it helped you professionally?

 I studied Web Design. It gave me the opportunity to understand not only how web sites work, but how to make cool things happen on them. It also gave me the opportunity to work on the AHMC web site.

16.   What is the biggest lesson you have learned professionally?

 The biggest lesson I’ve learned is that on one hand, BEING a professional is almost a career in and of its self. On the other hand, HAVING a profession is vitally important.

17.   What advice would you give someone who just graduated college and is looking for a career in your field of work? 

My advice would be, don’t give up, stay current in your field, learn from others, and to be nice to everyone.

18.   How important is work life balance and how do you keep yourself grounded on a day off?  Finding balance in life isn’t easy but It’s important. People need to learn to say NO once in a while. Making time for one’s self is a priority. I stay grounded with my faith in God EVERY DAY!

19.   What is the number one thing that motivates you?

 Besides money? Watching people I admire do what they do best.

20.   Where do you see Adopt A Highway® in 10 years? 

NATIONWIDE! Every Highway, Every State! We should start working in Hawaii. If we open an office there, I’m in.