Our Sponsors mean everything to us...

If it weren't for their unparalleled commitment to their businesses and communities, the Sponsor A Highway® program would not exist.

BaylorScott & White - Testimonial

Texas Sponsor A Highway® is an easy, low-cost option for outdoor advertising that supports highway maintenance and cleaning at the same time… What a great combination! Our company joined the program because of the many great benefits the program has to offer including brand awareness and exposure, connection to the environment and our community, as well as a competitive advantage over our competition. We wanted to saturate the market around Baylor Scott & White Medical Center’s Waxahachie location and our Account Manager Andy, helped us do just that! Our 8 signs have been installed throughout the Waxahachie area and we are very happy with how they look and where they are located! I also like the fact that Texas Sponsor A Highway® handles all of the maintenance and upkeep to make sure our signs look great all the time!

- Julie Martin, Marketing Manager for Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Waxahachie

I first saw/heard about the Maryland Sponsor A Highway® Program by seeing the actual signs on the side of the highway. My Account Manager Brian was extremely knowledgeable about the program as well as the specific areas that I was interested in. What started out as one sign quickly turned into three and I’m constantly looking for more. It’s a smart program but with limited supply so I was happy to get the exposure in my areas while they were still available! To this day, Brian still emails me when locations in my area are available for sponsorship, if only there were more I would take 2-3 more signs! From the initial process of gathering information, to the design and installation of my signs, Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation® has been an all-around class act.

- MBA Basketball Customer Review

MBA Basketball Academy Customer Review

Our business was locally referred to Texas Sponsor A Highway® as a unique and new advertising opportunity in our area. Continental Automotive Group has a number of dealership locations throughout Austin and we decided to utilize this opportunity to help bring brand awareness and exposure to one of our dealerships, First Texas Honda. Our Account Manager Romeo helped us select 6 sign locations that made sense for our business and since our signs have been installed we are very happy with the way they look!

- Timothy Shook,  Chief Operating Officer for Continental Automotive Group

Five Star ER - Customer Review

We are a locally owned and operated emergency center in the Austin area and Texas Sponsor A Highway® was able to provide branding and exposure opportunities that put us directly in front of our customers. With sign locations available near our emergency centers, we have been able to successfully drive traffic to our business as customers mention seeing our signs many times throughout the month. Our Account Manager Romeo has provided excellent customer service, and I would recommend Texas Sponsor A Highway® to businesses looking for brand awareness and exposure at a fraction of the cost of traditional outdoor advertising.

- Marysol Imler, Vice President of Operations for Five Star ER

Four Seasons Customer Review

"I received a call from our Account Manager Brian about the Maryland Sponsor A Highway® Program and became interested in its unique ability to bring brand awareness to my family-owned and operated landscaping business. Brian was extremely knowledgeable and shared with me the entire process of purchasing a sponsorship from start to finish. His professionalism and customer service from the initial sale, to my sign being installed, to the upkeep and maintenance of my sponsored area is exactly what we were looking for. I would recommend the Sponsor A Highway® program to anyone looking for brand awareness and a great customer experience."

- Four Seasons Landscaping Customer Review

Salt Lick Customer Review

"The Salt Lick was locally referred to the Texas Sponsor A Highway® program and after working with our Account Manager Romeo, we saw this as a great opportunity to increase our brand awareness by connecting our business to the environment throughout the Austin area. We are happy with the look, location, and visibility of our sponsor signs and we believe that our customers view our business in a positive way because of our sponsorship with Texas Sponsor A Highway®."

- Angela Hobbs, Media Director for The Salt Lick

Schlotsky's - Customer Review

"Since joining the Texas Sponsor A Highway® Program, Schlotzsky’s has already begun to see the positive effects that our sponsorship has had on our business. Customers mention seeing our signs regularly, and we believe that our partnership with Don’t mess with Texas® gives customers a positive outlook on our involvement in the community. Our Account Manager Romeo, provided excellent customer service from purchasing our initial sponsorship to getting our 7 signs installed in the Austin area. I would recommend Texas Sponsor A Highway® to anyone looking for brand awareness, positive exposure, and community involvement."

- George Schaefer, Vice President of Schlotzsky’s

"Our experience with Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation® has been exceptional. Our Account Manager Karen has been an outstanding service provider and professional to a tee. Although the impact of highway sign advertising is difficult to quantify, in our business we hear anecdotally from our members that they notice seeing the signs… and the tone of their voices is upbeat and by innuendo, proud. We will continue to use Adopt A Highway® signage as an important part of our image building campaign; our name is well-known and we plan to keep it that way."

- Hampshire Hills Customer Review

First Choice Emergency Room - Testimonial

"Texas Sponsor A Highway® is a new and unique opportunity for businesses like First Choice Emergency Room to gain positive brand exposure and co-brand with Don’t mess with Texas®. The program gives us the ability to target our customers based on specific signage locations throughout four different markets within Texas. Texas Sponsor A Highway® has been very responsive, handled all communications with the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), and has been able to install our signs simultaneously in each market, giving us an immediate expansive presence. Our Account Manager Andy, made excellent recommendations and did a great job helping us to implement this program in a way that would drive success to our business and keep things on track."

- Steven Lobo, Marketing Analyst for First Choice Eme