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Program Benefits:

  • Exclusivity – Sponsor A Highway® is the only way to place your name and logo on the busiest highways in the U.S.
  • Reach – Most highways have a traffic count of more than 50 million cars per year.
  • Brand Awareness – Build your company brand through frequency and visibility!
  • Cost Effective – Inexpensive outdoor exposure, average CPM is $0.20
  • Exposure – Sponsor A Highway® signs are up 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Community Relations – Sponsor A Highway® is a great opportunity for businesses to differentiate their brand through corporate social responsibility, as well as give back to the community.

Key Aspects that our Program Provides:

  • Quality exposure to a huge daily audience
  • Increased brand awareness and name recognition
  • Exclusive sponsorship of segments on the highway
  • The ability to ‘conquest’ your competition
  • Exclusive branding within close proximity to primary locations and highway exits
  • Affordability – our rates are much lower than other forms of outdoor advertising
  • Demonstrating that your company is an environmentally-conscious business
  • Connecting your company’s brand to the beautification of your community

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Impressions and ADT:

Businesses that join the Sponsor A Highway® program leave lasting impressions with hundreds of thousands of motorists each day.

Traffic volume which is referred to as “Average Daily Traffic” or “ADT” ranges across individual states from a low of 35,000 vehicles to a high of 350,000 vehicles per day.

The average vehicle carries 1.8 passengers per car.

That's 63,000 to 630,000 impressions EACH DAY!

That's less than $.20 PER IMPRESSION!

For more information about the Sponsor A Highway® program call us or email us at 800.200.0003 or info@adoptahighway.com

QUALITY EXPOSURE: 24/7 quality exposure to your customers near your corporate home or place of business. BRAND AWARENESS: Create long term awareness, credibility, and consistency for your brand and business. Increased brand awareness and name recognition within close proximity to primary locations and highway exits. EXCLUSIVE SPONSORSHIP: Exclusive sponsorship locations along major roadways. Sponsorship opportunities in areas where other outdoor mediums do not interfere with your Sponsor A Highway® sign. HIGH VISIBILITY: Major highways have traffic counts of more than 50 MILLION cars per year providing high visibility and low CPM. Directional opportunities available and no trees or buildings obstructing your sign’s view. PREMIUM LOCATIONS: In many markets, the Sponsor A Highway® Program has tons of availability. Secure premium locations of your choice and lock them in for the next two years! DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS: Our newest program, Texas Sponsor A Highway® and Don’t mess with Texas® have joined forces and are giving you and your business the opportunity to grow a positive image in the local community. COMMUNITY LEADER: Show Corporate Social Responsibility by connecting your company’s brand to the beautification of your community. ECOSMART™: Demonstrate that you are an environmentally conscious business by working closely with the Sponsor A Highway® Program on a national scale. AFFORDABLE PRICING: Sponsor A Highway® is far less expensive than most traditional forms of marketing, but compared to other outdoor mediums, Sponsor A Highway® rates are much more affordable. BEAT YOUR COMPETITION: Sponsor A Highway® gives you and your business the ability to beat your competition by a MILE... LITERALLY!