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Program Benefits:

  • Exclusivity – Sponsor A Highway® is the only way to place your name and logo on the busiest highways in the U.S.
  • Reach – Most highways have a traffic count of more than 50 million cars per year.
  • Brand Awareness – Build your company brand through frequency and visibility!
  • Cost Effective – Inexpensive outdoor exposure, average CPM is $0.20
  • Exposure – Sponsor A Highway® signs are up 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Community Relations – Sponsor A Highway® is a great opportunity for businesses to differentiate their brand through corporate social responsibility, as well as give back to the community.

Key Aspects that our Program Provides:

  • Quality exposure to a huge daily audience
  • Increased brand awareness and name recognition
  • Exclusive sponsorship of segments on the highway
  • The ability to ‘conquest’ your competition
  • Exclusive branding within close proximity to primary locations and highway exits
  • Affordability – our rates are much lower than other forms of outdoor advertising
  • Demonstrating that your company is an environmentally-conscious business
  • Connecting your company’s brand to the beautification of your community

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Impressions and ADT:

Businesses that join the Sponsor A Highway® program leave lasting impressions with hundreds of thousands of motorists each day.

Traffic volume which is referred to as “Average Daily Traffic” or “ADT” ranges across individual states from a low of 35,000 vehicles to a high of 350,000 vehicles per day.

The average vehicle carries 1.8 passengers per car.

That's 63,000 to 630,000 impressions EACH DAY!

That's less than $.20 PER IMPRESSION!

For more information about the Sponsor A Highway® program call us or email us at 800.200.0003 or info@adoptahighway.com