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Cracker Barrel helps keep our porches clean

by Karen Marden 29. March 2012 13:26

“Cracker Barrel Old Country Store employees have pride in their hometowns. We sponsor many miles of interstate and our guests tell us they appreciate our commitment to the community. This partnership extends our brand of hospitality beyond the rockers on our front porch.”

This quote is from my contact at Cracker Barrel. They have sponsored multiple segments of highway in markets across the United States. Using our program, Cracker Barrel has secured visibility for store locations that may have not had the benefit of visibility on the highways heading towards their stores’ exits. They also have built visibility for their brand as Cracker Barrel Old Country Store expanded into new markets in the western U.S.

Cracker Barrel is one of the largest outdoor advertisers in the country. In this time of social media, they have found this form of advertising continues to keep their visibility high to their potential customers. Highway signage reaches all demographics and keeps the Cracker Barrel name top of mind while rounding out all the other marketing they have in their media mix. They realize they have a captive audience traveling the highways and those drivers need a good meal to keep them going. The benefit of helping keep clean the communities they serve is a wonderful way to round out their presence.

Since 1969, Cracker Barrel has been providing a friendly home-away-from-home for travelers and neighbors alike. The restaurant serves up delicious home-style country food and the authentic old country retail store offers unique gifts. There are more than 600 Cracker Barrel locations in 42 states. They do so much to help keep our nation’s “front porch” clean, let’s be sure to stop by for a delicious meal and thank them for their support!


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Thank you Marcos Pizza for joining the Colorado Sponsor a Highway Program

by Erin Marchesano 21. March 2012 18:27

Headquartered in Toledo, Ohio, Marco’s Pizza is one of the fastest-growing pizza companies in the U.S. Marco's was founded by Pasquale "Pat" Giammarco and is committed to making Ah!thentic Italian pizza with fresh ingredients. The company has grown from its roots as a beloved Ohio brand to operate more than 250 stores in 21 states and also the Bahamas.

Marco's is now recognized as one of the top-performing restaurant franchises in the country and we are proud to announce that they are now a part of the Sponsor a Highway Program!

For additional information visit their website at http://marcos.com/home




by Erin Marchesano 21. March 2012 18:10


The Media is focusing a lot of attention on the Sponsor A Highway program in North Carolina and our Sponsors are getting the added value benefit!  All Points Personal Transportation, Doctors Making House Calls, and Teer Associates are among some of the first sponsors in the program to be newsworthy on these highly traveled roadways. Don’t miss the marketing opportunity to get your current and future customers’ attention!


Check out these stories and call us to get your company started!

Newsobserver.com - "N.C. DOT sponsorship program targets litter along state’s highways"

Robesonian.com - "Pilot program seeks sponsors to sweep litter off Interstate 95"




When your business is up 38% from the previous year, you must be doing something right… right?

by Erin Marchesano 19. March 2012 17:23



Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Christopherson Business Travel is the independently owned leader in business travel management in the western U.S. With over 250 team members and 35 offices, the company supports more than $287 million in annual travel bookings. Christopherson provides intelligent travel management to more than 900 successful companies, and is an affiliate of BCD Travel, the leading provider of global travel logistics.

To learn more about Christopherson Business Travel, visit their website at www.CBTravel.com.

Christopherson Business Travel is coming up on its second year as an active member of the Sponsor a Highway Program in the state of Colorado. With their sign located off Interstate 25 heading north, the company has received hundreds of thousands of impressions over the last two years. In this article, the company is proud to announce that its business is up 38% in the last year.

Denver is a uniquely fast growing market where local and national businesses participating in the Sponsor A Highway program are seeing a huge return from their involvement. Join today!



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Cause and Effect for Growing a business

by Patricia Nelson 5. March 2012 17:25


There is no shortage of theories on how to best market a business and as a business owner, the responsibility for growing the firm lies ultimately with me. I recently took a look at Wikipedia’s explanation of marketing and was taken aback by the 82 different techniques listed, including Drip Marketing, Alliance Marketing, Guerrilla Marketing, Content Marketing, internet marketing, multi-level Marketing, and Ambush Marketing. 

While reading through some of these entries it occurred to me that in order to be effective there had to be a substantial and contextual link between our marketing and the products and services we provide. My eureka moment came while reading the entry on Cause Marketing and the realization that Adopt a Highway Maintenance Corporation had been using this method for over two decades.


Cause Marketing calls for how we market our products and services, as well as our business practices, to be aligned with the core values of our customers. While quality, price and service are paramount to sales and customer retention, these days, something more is expected of American businesses both large and small. Essentially, customers are increasingly interested in doing business with companies who support causes that are important to them and/or improve quality of life overall. After some research, I found that this sentiment does pan out in B2B and B2C research data.

 According to the IEG Sponsorship Report and Cone’s 2010 Cause Marketing study, 83% of Americans want more of the products, services and retailers they use to support causes. In addition:

  • 80% of consumers are willing to switch from one brand to another if that Brand or service is associated with a cause. 
  • 64% of global consumers believe that companies must incorporate causes in to their everyday business.
  • 61% of consumers will try a new brand/service if it is associated with a good cause.

So, now more than ever “Cause and Effect” are linked in a successful business formula. Cause Marketing has been around for some time and the Sponsor A Highway program has been a good choice for getting immediate customer recognition for what we all know is an important cause, taking care of the communities where our customers live and work.  

Every business owner knows that you must advertise your business so customers know you exist. Cause marketing as a strategy for growth provides another reason for a consumer to choose your product or service. It moves the decision beyond just price and quality and lets the consumer choose based on principles that are important to them.



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