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The Salt Lick BBQ has their First Sign Installed in Austin!

by Mariam Nassery 20. July 2015 16:56

The Texas Sponsor-A-Highway Program was launched on July 1st! We installed the first sign for The Salt Lick’s BBQ, a renowned Texas business, on this sunny day with the help of the Texas Department of Transportation in Austin. They had two more signs go up by the end of the week. We are honored to welcome them to our largest market in the nation. The Texas Sponsor- A-Highway Program commends The Salt Lick BBQ for recognizing the impact they can make on the environment and deciding to rid 7 stretches of highway of litter!

The owner of The Salt Lick BBQ, Scott Roberts, shared his feelings on why it’s so important to keep Texas highways clean.

“When you travel, you always judge how you feel about the other states by how clean their highways are and Texas must have the cleanest highways because we are the best state in the union,” said Scott Roberts.

You can see the video at the end of this post.

This family-owned restaurant became a reality for the Roberts in 1967. Combining the Texan love of BBQ with down-south tradition, they have created a Texas mainstay that caters to events and weddings throughout the state.

The Salt Lick BBQ has been involved in various philanthropic endeavors, but their concern for the environment led them to contribute to the maintenance and beautification of Texas highways. With their recognition panels, they indicate to the community that they care that Texas always looks its best.

Please click here to see the video featured on the Texas Department of Transportation Facebook page.

Want to learn more about The Salt Lick BBQ? Check out their website at: https://www.saltlickbbq.com/


To find out how your business can sponsor a highway in Texas, contact us at 800.200.0003.

Happy 4th of July!

by Adopt A Highway 2. July 2015 13:14

**SPONSOR SPOTLIGHT** - Managed Technology

by Adopt A Highway 26. June 2015 13:05

Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation would like to welcome Managed Technology to the Long Island Sponsor A Highway Program! With six signs located along the 454 throughout Suffolk County, Managed Technology is making a huge difference in helping to keep our highways clean and maintained.

Managed Technology assists companies of all sizes in aligning their technology needs with their business goals. Managed Technology equips its clients with top tier technology solutions, allowing them to increase security, reduce risk and achieve greater operational value while focusing on their core business. From the headquarters in New York, Managed Technology’s team serves clients all over the country as well as managing IT environments abroad for our clients with international operations.

Managed Technology's depth of knowledge, experience and resources assure its clients that their IT infrastructure is efficient, protected and well managed. From their Managed Services practice which focuses on full or fractional IT outsourcing, to their consulting and professional services group, Managed Technology’s team works daily to stay ahead of the curve and bring the best possible client service to each engagement. Managed Technology engineers maintain the highest levels of technology and security certifications possible so you can be confident when entrusting your organization's IT environment to Managed Technology.

Managed Technology's suite of IT infrastructure and consulting solutions focuses on minimizing, or all together eliminating the burden of managing, operating and optimizing a company's IT infrastructure, and helps clients navigate the ever-changing IT environment, from data center to desktop. Whether you're tackling an existing obstacle or planning for the future, let the Managed Technology team help you enhance your IT environment and maximize your contribution to the organization.

For more information about Managed Technology visit their website: http://mantecinc.com



by Adopt A Highway 21. May 2015 13:55


Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation would like to welcome JayBird to the Utah Sponsor A Highway Program!

JayBird is an authentic premium sports brand offering innovative designs for consumer electronic products that enhance the athletic experience and inspire an active lifestyle. Products include Bluetooth headphones and the Reign life tracker.

Jaybird Crew Takes It to the Sky from Jaybird on Vimeo.

For more information about JayBird, visit their website at www.jaybirdsport.com


**SPONSOR SPOTLIGHT** - Culver’s of St. George

by Erin Marchesano 20. May 2015 16:09


When the Culver family opened the very first Culver’s in their beloved Sauk City, Wisconsin, they never dreamed just how popular their one-of-a-kind ButterBurgers® and Fresh Frozen Custard were destined to become. Today Culver’s remains a family-owned and family-operated business with restaurants throughout the Midwest and beyond.

In 1984, Craig Culver and his family opened the first Culver’s restaurant in Sauk City, Wisconsin, serving their signature ButterBurgers® and Fresh Frozen Custard to friends and neighbors with genuine, from-the-heart hospitality. Their sole financial goal was to support their growing family.

Since then, with a family of franchise partners who share the same uncompromising standards they’ve held from day one, Culver’s has grown to over 500 restaurants in 22 states.

Culver’s has earned its reputation for deliciousness by cooking every ButterBurger to order and crafting every batch of Fresh Frozen Custard throughout the day, same as they always have.

For more information about Culver’s visit their website: http://www.culvers.com


**SPONSOR SPOTLIGHT** - Lucky Eagle Casino & Hotel

by Adopt A Highway 14. May 2015 14:15


Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation is proud to announce that Lucky Eagle Casino is one of our newest sponsors in the state of Washington!

Lucky Eagle Casino & Hotel features more than 1,000 of the latest slot machines, PLUS blackjack, keno, craps, bingo, roulette, pull tabs, and more.

The warm and inviting 170-room hotel is connected to the casino and features a Starbucks®, a slot room with 86 games, and nicely appointed rooms and suites.

In addition to all the amazing casino games, the hotel’s expansion project is officially underway. Click on the time-lapse video feed below to watch their progress. New amenities will include a 120,000 square foot parking garage, sports bar, updated food and beverage venues and more. Stay tuned!

For more information about Lucky Eagle Casino, visit their website: http://www.luckyeagle.com


Stop & Stor Assists in Keeping Highways Clean – ARTICLE / PRESS RELEASE

by Erin Marchesano 1. May 2015 13:40

It’s always exciting when our participating partners get some extra media exposure for their involvement in the program and this week Stop & Stor has made the news for the impact they have made in New York since joining the program in 2007!!

In a recent article and press release, Stop & Stor is sharing the full-scale environmental and financial impact that their 7 signs have made over the last 8 years.  

Many of these segments are located in Queens along thoroughfares such as the Grand Central Parkway, the Van Wyck Expressway, the Long Island Expressway, and the Belt Parkway. Additionally, one sign is located in Staten Island along the Staten Island Expressway, one is located in Brooklyn along the Gowanus Expressway, and one more is located in Long Island along the Long Island Expressway.

All sponsor segments are maintained by AHMC crew members through Stop & Stor’s monthly contribution to the New York Adopt a Highway Program and we are absolutely thrilled to have such a dedicated business supporting this program and the communities throughout New York!


DOT Partnerships & Benefits to the State

Litter clean-up costs in the U.S. are an estimated $11.5 BILLION each year (Source: Keep America Beautiful). The Sponsor A Highway® Program has become a way for businesses and contractors to help each state offset some of the costs associated with litter removal across the country. Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation (AHMC) has partnered with state DOTs for over 25 years. Our work together has contributed to the removal of over 4.5 MILLION pounds of trash across the 22 states we do business in.

For each sign sponsored, a portion of the proceeds pay AHMC crew members to clean up trash along their 1-mile sponsored areas. In addition, all trash collected by AHMC crews is sorted at local recycling plants where it is then recycled, reduced, and reused, or properly disposed of if it cannot be recycled.

The cleanliness of our roadways is something that our Sponsors and DOT partners take very seriously. Their dedication, and the hard work of AHMC crew members keeps our roadways and communities safe and looking beautiful.

The program helps the environment, it helps the communities, and it helps the state. Sponsors of the program are looked highly upon by the Department of Transportation for their monthly contributions and the Sponsor A Highway® Program continues to grow due to this partnered success.


"What began as a donation of $ 6,000 dollars to this worthwhile program has grown to a donation of $66,000 dollars in 2014. Our commitment to beautifying the neighborhoods of our great City has been unwavering and we are very proud of that. We look forward to continuing our commitment to Adopt a Highway as an integral partner in its efforts. At Stop & Stor our benevolent and corporate philosophy always centers around – people, places, and things"

- Jeff Henick, Chief Operating Officer of Stop & Stor.


Everyone here at Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation would like to thank Stop & Stor for their continued involvement and dedication to the program and ultimately to the betterment of our communities.

If it weren’t for businesses like you, this program and what we do would not be possible.


To read the full press release click the image below:


For more information about the Sponsor A Highway® Program call 800-200-0003

Facts about U.S. Drivers - How OOH & Sponsor A Highway® Can Help Your Business Gain More Exposure By Connecting Your Brand to the Community!

by Erin Marchesano 1. May 2015 12:30

The American Automobile Association (AAA) just released their American Driver Survey, and interestingly enough, the survey shows a large amount of growth in the daily mileage of drivers between 2009 and 2014 which is very promising for Out Of Home Advertising!

The data for the survey was collected over the course of one year (May 2013 – May 31, 2014) and was taken from 3,319 drivers nationwide.

Some key facts from the survey include:

  • Drivers 16 and older drive, on average, 29.2 miles per day or 10,658 miles a year, up  from 29.0 miles per day in 2009
  • Among Adults 16-34, miles per day grew a whopping 20%
  • There is a direct correlation between level of education and daily miles driven, with the most educated segment of the population driving the most
  • Men reported driving more miles than women
  • Caucasians reported driving more miles than respondents of other races, with Hispanic respondents reported driving the least
  • Teenagers and drivers ages 75+ also drive significantly fewer miles on average
  • About 50% of all miles driven are in a car, and another 40% in an SUV or pickup truck (van, minivan, and motorcycles are the other 10%)
  • People drive, on average, more on weekdays and less on weekends


From OAAA:

“OOH reaches consumers during the 70 percent of waking hours they’re away from home – and especially when they’re on the road. The Arbitron OOH advertising study found:

  • Almost 90% of Americans aged 18 or older have traveled the roads or rails in a vehicle in the past month including cars, trucks, buses, taxis, commuter rails and subways.
  • Time spent exposed to OOH media is significant with the average time spent traveling over 20 hours per week and covering 169 miles.
  • OOH media viewership is high. 75% of total US adults have noticed advertising on static billboards, digital billboards, sides of public buses, bus shelters, taxi cabs, commuter rails, subways or any street level advertising such as kiosks or newspaper stands in the past month; and viewership among travelers is 84%.”



How Sponsor A Highway® Can Help:

With OOH continuing to prove year-over-year that it is a successful form of media for marketing and advertising, the Sponsor A Highway® Program falls within its own special niche of this category allowing businesses to get their name and logo directly on some of America’s busiest and most highly traveled roadways.

With statistics like the ones above showing significant changes in driving behavior and overall increases in miles driven, the Sponsor A Highway® Program is a great way to gain additional exposure for your business at a low monthly cost.

One of the many benefits to the Sponsor A Highway® program is the environmental aspect. In exchange for a monthly fee, Adopt A Highway crew members go out and remove litter and debris from a business’ sponsored area contributing to cleaner and safer roadways. This connects businesses that join the program with the community, providing a sense of environmental care, and together we work with our sponsors to make a difference.

Whether you are a large corporation looking for an environmental opportunity that will provide you and your employees with an additional sense of Corporate Social Responsibility, or a smaller business trying to gain exposure for your brand, this is the program for you!

For more information call 800.200.0003 or email us at info@adoptahighway.com

To read the full article visit the link here.

Source: Nielsen, AAA, Arbitron
AAA "American Driver Survey"
Arbitron OOH Advertising Study
Automotive Creative Examples


10 of the Best Eco-Friendly Charities - Earth Day 2015

by Erin Marchesano 22. April 2015 09:28




Project Greenify is brought to you by the Direct Energy family of brands, and they’re dedicated to bringing a new perspective along with cool and insightful tips to help make the world a little bit greener. We felt that the following article by Project Greenify was perfect for those looking for charitable organizations that they can get involved, or donate to on Earth Day, and year-round!

There are countless non-profit organizations around the US each with their own missions to help the environment in one way or another. With so many available, how do you know which ones are legit and actually fulfill their mission statement? Below is a list of 10 top environmentally friendly non-profit organizations gathered from various sites such as Charity Navigator and squidoo.com.

  1. Wildlife Conservation Network. This eco-friendly non-profit organization protects endangered species and preserves their natural habitats.  WCN partners with independent, community-based conservationists around the world and gives them the capital and tools they need to develop solutions for human-wildlife coexistence.  100% of any donation can be designated to the conservation of a specific species if requested.
    Charity Navigator Rating: 4 Stars (67.78 out of 70)
  2. The Sierra Club. It is America’s largest and most influential grassroots environmental organization. It was created to preserve and protect the rapidly developing California landscape, though it has now expanded to saving lands worldwide.
    Charity Navigator Rating: 4 Stars (67.69 out of 70)
  3. The Conservation Fund. This non-profit tops the eco-friendly charts for protecting America’s most important landscapes and waterways. Plus, 94% of their funds go towards program costs so you aren’t left wondering where you money went if donating to this organization.
    Charity Navigator Rating: 4 Stars (67.16 out of 70) (they’re one of the highest rated charities).
  4. The World Land Trust - US. This international conservation non-profit was established to save rainforests and other threatened tropical habitats that are critical for preventing immediate species extinctions. They have saved over 4 million acres of endangered habitats in 17 countries.
    Charity Navigator Rating: 4 Stars (63.74 out of 70)
  5. Ecotrust. This non-profit has a mission to inspire fresh thinking that creates economic opportunity, social equality, and environmental well-being.  For example, they created FoodHub, which is an online marketplace designed to connect wholesale buyers and sellers of regionally grown food. Donating to this cause is worth your money as 84% of its funds go towards program costs.
    Charity Navigator Rating: 4 Stars (62.19 out of 70)
  6. Earthjustice. “Because the earth needs a good lawyer.” This eco-friendly non-profit public interest law firm has a mission to legally protect the environment. It makes sure the environmental laws are being passed and upheld.
    Charity Navigator Rating: 4 Stars (60.94 out of 70)
  7. Environmental Defense Fund. This eco-friendly non-profit takes on most urgent environmental threats to the climate, ecosystems, people’s health, and more and then fights them by combining science, economics, and law to find practical and lasting solutions.  They scored high on Charity Finder and uses 79% of their funds for program expenses.
    Charity Navigator Rating: 4 Stars (60.42 out of 70)
  8. The National Conservancy. From climate change and rainforests to anything in between, this eco-friendly, non-profit organization is committed to taking on tough issues facing conservation efforts today. To date, they have protected more than 119 million acres of land and 5,000 miles of rivers worldwide, making it one of the largest eco-oriented charities in the world.
    Charity Navigator Rating: 3 Stars (56.84 out of 70)
  9. Greenpeace. This world renowned eco-friendly organization uses lobbying and research to reach its environmental protection and conservation goals. From protecting oceans, forests, and wildlife to working towards no new nukes, no issue is too tough for Greenpeace to go after.
    Charity Navigator Rating: 3 Stars (55.40 out of 70)
  10. National Geographic Society. The key to this eco-friendly organization’s conservation approach is to show the planet’s natural beauty so people will appreciate it. In addition to conservation, National Geographic supports exploration and scientific research through grant programs and public projects.

Note: Charity Navigator offers free charity ratings to enable donors to access relevant information before they make a donation to an organization. There, you can see if your money really is going to a good cause.

Information provided by Project Greenify. To ready the full article click here.

The Huntington/Seal Beach Surfrider Foundation’s “Ohana Day” and Beaches Be Crazy Event Recap!

by Erin Marchesano 21. April 2015 12:51


The Surfrider Foundation is a non-profit environmental organization dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world’s oceans, waves and beaches for all people, through conservation, activism, research and education.

Surfrider Foundation now has more than 50,000 members in the USA and 90 chapters worldwide.  International Surfrider Foundation chapters and affiliates have been established in many foreign countries including the Surfrider Foundation Europe (with ongoing programs and Chapters in France, Germany, Spain, Portugal and Italy) as well as Japan, Brazil, and Australia.

On Saturday April 11, 2015, Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation and Adopt A Beach joined the Huntington/Seal Beach Surfrider Chapter for its 9th annual “Ohana Day”.

“2,400 + beach goers, visitors, participants and volunteers joined our 9th annual "Ohana Day" event. 427 volunteers joined in for our beach cleanup picking up 417.23 lbs.of trash with 42 lbs.of Styrofoam. 25 business partners participated showing their products or service.

Music by Tupua with entertainment & dancing by Tahitian Performers that thrilled the crowd!

Various Kohls stores and their employees partnered up with our Ohana Day celebration year after year; also joining us was 150 members of the First Christian Church of Huntington Beach;

Thanks to all our EC and Core Volunteers for giving their time and effort to make this event one of the most successful to date (they are very talented and dedicated individuals!), Also special thanks to two great individual: Frank Dubbs for MC-ing and announcing throughout the event and also to "Rockin Fig" for his friendship, long-time association and support with our Surfrider Foundation Chapter's mission for protecting our oceans, waves and beaches..”

– Huntington Beach Surfrider Foundation

While a few of our AHMC/AAB employees worked the booth handing out t-shirts, bags, chapstick, and water bottles, everyone else, including our friends and families participated in the beach cleanup which contributed to the removal of a whopping 417.23 lbs. of trash!

The day was pack with information from all kinds of unique educational programs, live music that was performed by Tupua, and plenty of activities for children and their families.

We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to be one of the participating partners at the event with Surfrider. We could not wait to share about our environmental programs and their impact on the environment. There were so many amazing businesses that came out to educate beach goers at the event and we are so glad we could come out and support!

Thank you to everyone at Surfrider Foundation for all that you do. If it wasn’t for organizations like you and all the amazing people that volunteer each year, our beaches and communities would not be nearly as beautiful. Your efforts keep litter and debris out of our ocean protecting wildlife and plants, your efforts keep our beaches safe and beautiful for beach goers year-round, and your efforts make the leader in non-profit organizations that are dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world’s oceans.


2015 Surfrider Foundation Beach Cleanup Events

April 25th – Huntington Street – Huntington City Beach
(Note: just a few blocks south of the HB Pier) Sponsored by Waterfront Hilton

May 9th – Newland Street – Huntington State Beach
Enter at Newland St. /PCH. Head South and look for our blue Surfrider tents.)
Sponsored by Brewbakers

May 23rd – South Bolsa Jetty – Bolsa Chica State Beach
(Note: Enter between Warner/Seapoint on PCH and turn left once in the park. Go all the way down to the end of the road and look for us on the right hand side near the new Jetty.) Sponsored by Jacks Surfboards, CGT & Bauer Water Solutions

June 6th – Tower 21 – Bolsa Chica State Beach   
(Note: Enter between Warner/Seapoint on PCH and turn right once in the park. Look for Tower 21 on the left hand side.) Sponsored by Drains to Ocean

June 2oth – 6th St. Northside HB Pier – Huntington City Beach    (International Surfing Day)               
(Note: just North of HB Pier) Sponsored by Shorebreak Hotel

July 11th – Brookhurst Street – Huntington State Beach
Enter at Newland St. /PCH. Head South and look for our blue Surfrider tents.)
Sponsored by Drains to Ocean

July 25th – River’s End  – Seal Beach ( 15 1st Street, Seal Beach, CA 90740 )
Sponsored by Rivers End Cafe

August 8th – South Bolsa Jetty – Huntington State Beach
Sponsored by Volcom

August 22nd – 17th Street – Huntington City Beach
Sponsored by 17th St. Boardshop

September 19th – 6th St. Northside HB Pier – Huntington City Beach 
CA Coastal Cleanup – Sponsored by Shorebreak Hotel

October 10th – River’s End  – Seal Beach ( 15 1st Street, Seal Beach, CA 90740 )
Sponsored by Rivers End Cafe

October 31st – 9th St. – Huntington City Beach       
(Note: just North of HB Pier) Sponsored by Jacks Surfboards

November 7th – Beach Blvd – Huntington Beach City
(Note: Turn right at City entrance on PCH & Beach Blvd then look for Blue Surfrider Tents) Sponsored by Brewbakers & WaterWall Displays

December 12th – Warner/PCH – Huntington State Beach
(Note: Enter between Warner/Seapoint on PCH and turn right once in the park. Go all the way to the very end towards Warner St.) Sponsored by Java Jaws Surfers’ Blend Coffee

For more information about the Huntington/Seal Beach Chapter, visit their website at http://hsbsurfrider.org.


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