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Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation (AHMC) Celebrates 25 Years!

by Adopt A Highway 29. September 2015 08:41

On this day in 1990, AHMC began its quest to be the industry leader in outdoor sponsorships, by opening its doors and pioneering the first ever corporate Sponsor A Highway® Program in over 30 different markets and 24 states.

Our growth and prosperity have been a direct result of years of hard work from AHMC’s dedicated employees, the commitment and belief in the program by AHMC’s incredible sponsors, long-lasting partnerships with State Departments of Transportation, and the innovative spirit that our company continues to bring…

It is with gratitude and great appreciation that we thank every Sponsor, DOT, AHMC employee; family member, friend, and supporter who has helped us get to this monumental achievement.


Our Mission

We are media with a story.

We are passionate about the work we do with state departments of transportation, partnering businesses large and small, and the communities in which we serve.

Through innovation and honesty, Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation's story motivates our Sponsors to join in the fight against litter. Our dedication to superior service toward our local communities is making roadways across the nation safer and cleaner for our families, friends, and fellow citizens...

“One Mile at a Time”



Charlotte Highway Sponsorships Are Now Available!

by Erin Marchesano 18. September 2015 10:16

For the first time ever, the Sponsor A Highway® program is now available in Charlotte!

Major roadways include:

• 85

• 77

• 485

• 74

• 16

• 21

• 49

• 51

• 19

Signs are available on a first come, first-served basis. Multi-sign discounts are available!


For more information contact:

Karen Marden

North Carolina Account Manager

Phone: 866-402-1966

Email: KarenM@adoptahighway.com


It is with great pleasure that we introduce our newest and LARGEST sponsor in Michigan – Bill Crispin Chevrolet!

by Adopt A Highway 17. September 2015 12:15

Bill Crispin Chevrolethas been a family-owned and operated dealership since 1975 when Bill Crispin first established the business in Detroit. In 1978, the dealership relocated to Saline.

As champions of great customer service and a business that is ardently active within the community, Crispin Chevrolet has taken the next step in “corporate citizenship” by joining the Michigan Sponsor A Highway® Program and sponsoring over 21 signs throughout the Ann Arbor area.

Recently, the Michigan Department of Transportation expanded its Sponsor A Highway® footprint to reach areas outside Detroit including Grand Rapids, Lansing, and Ann Arbor. When the opportunity opened up, Bill Crispin Chevrolet was the first to respond and his daughter Debbie, who became a partner in the family business in 1992, saw this as yet, another great way for their family’s business to get involved in the community and assist in keeping Michigan’s highways clean!

From education to helping the homeless, no cause is overlooked by the team at Bill Crispin Chevrolet. They constantly find new ways of giving back to the communities that have helped them become a successful, thriving dealership.

Bill Crispin Chevrolet has a strong foundation that has been earned simply through hard work and the tests of time. They have stability, longevity, growth and respect for their community, their customers, and themselves.

Everyone at AHMC would like to thank Bill Crispin Chevrolet for joining us and serving our local communities together through the Michigan Sponsor A Highway® Program! We are enthusiastic about the continued success of your business as well as your assistance in helping to make the environment and roadways throughout Michigan pristine.


For more information about Bill Crispin Chevrolet’s involvement in the community visit their website: www.billcrispinchevrolet.com/CommunityInvolvement


9/11 - We'll #NeverForget

by Adopt A Highway 11. September 2015 08:23

"If we learn nothing else from this tragedy, we learn that life is short and there is no time for hate."

- Sandy Dahl,

Wife of pilot of Flight 93, Jason Dahl



The First Ever Sponsor A Highway Program is Now Open in the State of Wyoming!

by Mariam Nassery 9. September 2015 14:30

Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation is excited to announce our newest market in Wyoming! The state has never had a highway sponsorship program before. Sponsorships will be available by mid-September!

The Wyoming Sponsor A Highway Program will give small and large businesses the opportunity to sponsor roadside maintenance in exchange for a monthly fee. The businesses’ will receive exposure from the recognition panel that will feature their company name and logo as they help keep the environment clean. These signs will be located along urban highways, rural roadways, truck stops and rest areas all over Wyoming.

The market will focus on Cheyenne, Laramie and Casper at first, but will continue to grow and expand into all of Wyoming as the program progresses. All across the vast plains of Wyoming are highways that you can sponsor and choose for the location of your sign. As one of the first businesses to join the Wyoming Sponsor A Highway Program, you can have first pick of sign location.


The sign serves as a mark of your community involvement and concern for helping the environment.  By becoming a sponsor through the Wyoming Sponsor A Highway Program, you are committing to making sure the highways such as Yellowstone Road and Happy Jack Road are kept pristine and beautiful for the communities you cherish.

With over 3,600 as the average daily traffic (ADT) for 2014, your sign will be seen by hundreds of motorists every day. We have newly designed signs for Wyoming that will make sure your company name and logo appear large and clear. This added benefit to sponsorship can boost your brand visibility and respect within the communities of the Cowboy State.

To find out how your business can sponsor a highway in Wyoming, contact us at 800.200.0003.

If you are interested in more about the program launch, take a look at our press release here.

The Salt Lick BBQ has their First Sign Installed in Austin!

by Mariam Nassery 20. July 2015 16:56

The Texas Sponsor-A-Highway Program was launched on July 1st! We installed the first sign for The Salt Lick’s BBQ, a renowned Texas business, on this sunny day with the help of the Texas Department of Transportation in Austin. They had two more signs go up by the end of the week. We are honored to welcome them to our largest market in the nation. The Texas Sponsor- A-Highway Program commends The Salt Lick BBQ for recognizing the impact they can make on the environment and deciding to rid 7 stretches of highway of litter!

The owner of The Salt Lick BBQ, Scott Roberts, shared his feelings on why it’s so important to keep Texas highways clean.

“When you travel, you always judge how you feel about the other states by how clean their highways are and Texas must have the cleanest highways because we are the best state in the union,” said Scott Roberts.

You can see the video at the end of this post.

This family-owned restaurant became a reality for the Roberts in 1967. Combining the Texan love of BBQ with down-south tradition, they have created a Texas mainstay that caters to events and weddings throughout the state.

The Salt Lick BBQ has been involved in various philanthropic endeavors, but their concern for the environment led them to contribute to the maintenance and beautification of Texas highways. With their recognition panels, they indicate to the community that they care that Texas always looks its best.

Please click here to see the video featured on the Texas Department of Transportation Facebook page.

Want to learn more about The Salt Lick BBQ? Check out their website at: https://www.saltlickbbq.com/


To find out how your business can sponsor a highway in Texas, contact us at 800.200.0003.

Happy 4th of July!

by Adopt A Highway 2. July 2015 13:14

**SPONSOR SPOTLIGHT** - Managed Technology

by Adopt A Highway 26. June 2015 13:05

Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation would like to welcome Managed Technology to the Long Island Sponsor A Highway Program! With six signs located along the 454 throughout Suffolk County, Managed Technology is making a huge difference in helping to keep our highways clean and maintained.

Managed Technology assists companies of all sizes in aligning their technology needs with their business goals. Managed Technology equips its clients with top tier technology solutions, allowing them to increase security, reduce risk and achieve greater operational value while focusing on their core business. From the headquarters in New York, Managed Technology’s team serves clients all over the country as well as managing IT environments abroad for our clients with international operations.

Managed Technology's depth of knowledge, experience and resources assure its clients that their IT infrastructure is efficient, protected and well managed. From their Managed Services practice which focuses on full or fractional IT outsourcing, to their consulting and professional services group, Managed Technology’s team works daily to stay ahead of the curve and bring the best possible client service to each engagement. Managed Technology engineers maintain the highest levels of technology and security certifications possible so you can be confident when entrusting your organization's IT environment to Managed Technology.

Managed Technology's suite of IT infrastructure and consulting solutions focuses on minimizing, or all together eliminating the burden of managing, operating and optimizing a company's IT infrastructure, and helps clients navigate the ever-changing IT environment, from data center to desktop. Whether you're tackling an existing obstacle or planning for the future, let the Managed Technology team help you enhance your IT environment and maximize your contribution to the organization.

For more information about Managed Technology visit their website: http://mantecinc.com



by Adopt A Highway 21. May 2015 13:55


Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation would like to welcome JayBird to the Utah Sponsor A Highway Program!

JayBird is an authentic premium sports brand offering innovative designs for consumer electronic products that enhance the athletic experience and inspire an active lifestyle. Products include Bluetooth headphones and the Reign life tracker.

Jaybird Crew Takes It to the Sky from Jaybird on Vimeo.

For more information about JayBird, visit their website at www.jaybirdsport.com


**SPONSOR SPOTLIGHT** - Culver’s of St. George

by Erin Marchesano 20. May 2015 16:09


When the Culver family opened the very first Culver’s in their beloved Sauk City, Wisconsin, they never dreamed just how popular their one-of-a-kind ButterBurgers® and Fresh Frozen Custard were destined to become. Today Culver’s remains a family-owned and family-operated business with restaurants throughout the Midwest and beyond.

In 1984, Craig Culver and his family opened the first Culver’s restaurant in Sauk City, Wisconsin, serving their signature ButterBurgers® and Fresh Frozen Custard to friends and neighbors with genuine, from-the-heart hospitality. Their sole financial goal was to support their growing family.

Since then, with a family of franchise partners who share the same uncompromising standards they’ve held from day one, Culver’s has grown to over 500 restaurants in 22 states.

Culver’s has earned its reputation for deliciousness by cooking every ButterBurger to order and crafting every batch of Fresh Frozen Custard throughout the day, same as they always have.

For more information about Culver’s visit their website: http://www.culvers.com


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